Welcome to Healing House Counseling.

     Whew, you made it. I imagine the journey was long, but I am glad you have found yourself here: curious about seeking healing, care, and peace through counseling. Taking this first step is courageous and vulnerable. It is my hope to offer you a safe space to experience healing in the midst of stories full of chaos, anxiety, depression, grief, and pain.



About Sara


My goal is to empower you, ask questions that help you think for yourself, dig deep into where behaviors and patterns come from, and be attuned to you. I am here to listen, help you develop coping skills, collaborate, and be with you in the midst of residual trauma from childhood, present-day pain in relationship, or aching questions about the future. 

Models & Vision


I view the counseling process as building a therapeutic relationship with you, where we can sift through your story, struggle, and relationships, ultimately moving toward compassion for yourself and others.

Seeking Growth


Growth and healing requires the patience to look deeper into your story with kindness. Are you ready to understand yourself more thoroughly? Is it time for change?